Super Bikers Female Club – Women in Need for Speed

Women have advanced in almost all walks of life and are no less than their opposite sex in any field. The past few years have seen women actively step in the biking world and many of them have already carved a niche for themselves.   A typically male dominated industry with a reputation of being competitive, tough and unwelcoming to the supposedly weaker sex- can be a bit intimidating at times. But things have changed for the good. With growing number of women owning the big mean machines has given birth to many women-centric bikers club with an ever-growing number of members. If you are looking to join your first all women biker group, check out The Super Bikers Female Club that is currently accepting membership applications.

World Ducati Weekend: Florence to Gabicci Mare

Gabicci Mare, a small resort town near the Athens World Circuit Simoncelli, was host to the World Ducati Weekend 2017. While most of Italy is dominated by the scooter king, our perception changed as we headed up the Tuscan hills, where we passed several motor cyclists in groups. As we approached the pass NHS67 became more and more twisty, making it even more challenging to navigate. After halting at the the Passo del Muraglione, we headed for the finish line before sunset. We were all good till one of our bikers was forced to stop because of a flat tyre. This ended up costing us around 15 clock minutes. The trip ended with the Kawasaki group of bikers taking away the top spot on the list while our team, the Ducati sponsored team took the second spot with just 7 points short.